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I meet the world pen first.  I’m a fiction writer in a non-fiction writer’s cloak. I’m a non-fiction writer wearing my fiction hat. I wrote songs that meant to be poems, and poems that wanted to sing. I’m a blogger and a de-fogger, using language.


I was and still am in love with fairytales. Grimm, especially.  I read the girl detectives, Nancy Drew and Beverly Gray, and then the English girls, Austen and the Brontes. Then Dickinson, Woolf, Joyce, Fitzgerald, Chekhov, Stanley Elkin. You have to read if you want to write.


I have always worked in the channel between tragedy and comedy. What’s funny at the funeral, what’s sad at the circus ?


I love writing essays and book reviews,

(“Life’s Changes: Peanut Butter and Mustard,” NY Times, 9/81; “#32 Goes To Bat,” NY Times, 7/82; “A Valentine Nobody Could Love,” NY Times 2/83; “It All Began With Being Gaunt,” NY Times 11/83; “Never Mind Those Lawn, I like Pavement,” NY Times 7/85; “Overheard In Transit,” NY Times, 7/85); “Widow Walks Into Wall, Finds Hope,” Modern Love, NY Times, 4/10/20;

 book reviews (Edna O’Brien’s Girls In Their Married Bliss, Women’s Week, 12/77; E. L. Konigsburg, Up From Jericho Tel, Publisher’s Weekly, 4/86;”The Letter Left To Me by The Letter Left To Me”by Joseph McElroy, The Review of Contemporary Fiction, Spring, 1990; “Literary Spinach/Literary Pleasure: The Diaries of Dawn Powell and My Home is Far Away by Dawn Powell; American Book Review, April-May 1996.)

but my first love is writing fiction.

“Tessie’s Night” appeared in Appearances, (1987) and “Gwyn’s Story” in Short Fiction By Women (Issue #6, 1994) and was nominated for a Pushcart Prize.  “Leaving Barney” became my first long work.  “Hippopotamus” Sunlit Publications and Podcast, June, 2018.


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